Youth Spotlight: Taliyah



This week’s Youth Spotlight is on a remarkable young woman named Taliyah, whose life was changed by the services she received at Valley Youth House (VYH).  Taliyah had been arrested as a teenager and lost custody of her baby, Jahiir.  Once out of a juvenile program at age 18, she had no place to live and lacked the skills to find a job, even though she had taken college courses while in the program. Taliyah knew she had to create a stable home environment in order to gain back custody of her young son.

She was welcomed by Valley Youth House and had one goal in mind: get her son back.  Life Skills Counselor, Megan, was resilient and did not turn her back on Taliyah when times were tough. Valley Youth House staff collaborated with Taliyah and forged a helpful partnership in which she learned how to provide for her son, budget, get her license, buy a car, and manage a household.  Through Valley Youth House’s Maternity Group Home and parenting classes, Taliyah proved herself fit as a parent and Jahiir was returned to her care.

Since then, Taliyah has made great strides!  She has become a certified Pharmacy Technician and works at Valley Youth House as a Resident Assistant at one of our newest residential sites in West Chester, PA!  Taliyah truly embodies a spirit of giving back by providing support and guidance to other young women experiencing similar struggles.  She also recently bought a car and a new home close to her family.  Taliyah credits Valley Youth House for empowering resilient young people, like herself, in establishing promising futures. We are so proud of you, Taliyah!