Youth Spotlight: Rabbiyah

Happy Youth Spotlight Friday! This week, we are recognizing December’s Golden Houseter, Rabbiyah.

A few months ago, Rabbiyah presented in front of a group of staff, asking for an extension of support from Valley Youth House. In her request, Rabbiyah mentioned a variety of goals that she wished to accomplish before transitioning out of Valley Youth House. Rabbiyah has started working towards every goal that she set for herself within just a few weeks!

Rabbiyah has enrolled in a GED program and is focusing on her education aspirations. She has been very productive in accessing outside supports and preparing for her transition out of Valley Youth House. She has been applying to alternate programs that will help to support her and her family. Rabbiyah is expecting a baby girl and has been working hard to put child care in place to be ready for when her baby arrives.

Rabbiyah was faced with many obstacles and she has been very productive in these last few months with Valley Youth House and has shown to be focused on her future and motivated to provide a stable and healthy environment for her children. We are all so proud of Rabbiyah and hope to continue to support her as she progresses!