Youth Spotlight: Pursha

Pursha and her family began their relationship with VYH’s Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) program in October of 2015. When Pursha arrived, her life looked very different than it does now. It took time to build trust, but slowly Pursha began to form strong bonds with the VYH staff working with her and her family. Over the last 2+ years, Pursha has made great progress. She has the pets which she always dreamed of caring for. She has also fully integrated into a standard education classroom,  where she is a class leader and well liked by her peers. Pursha says she loves school and her teachers and has developed interests in art, reading, and computers. Pursha is now better able to express herself and her parents are impressed by her maturity and growth every day. Congratulations to Pursha for all her achievements!