Youth Spotlight: Kevin

This week we are featuring our most recent Golden Houseter award winner, an honor that is awarded by staff in our Philadelphia office to a young person who has gone above and beyond in one of our housing programs that month. Congratulations, Kevin, on being the most recent Golden Houseter!

Kevin has only been with VYH for six months and has achieved some remarkable accomplishments. Aside from keeping his apartment tidy and presentable, Kevin has graduated High School, enrolled at the Community College of Philadelphia, where he will be taking three courses, and has been accepted into AmeriCorps Digital Service Fellows. Out of the 500 applicants for AmeriCorps, Kevin was one of the 12 that were accepted into the program!

Kevin will receive on the job IT training throughout schools in Philadelphia as well as taking an IT course at CCP. Kevin has shown to be an excellent tenant and has remained focused throughout his schooling and is progressing in his future career goals.