Youth Spotlight: Joshua & Melady

Joshua and his girlfriend Melady have been involved with the Valley Youth House Rapid Rehousing (RRH) program for the past 3 months. They were both living in a shelter in York County when they heard about VYH opening the program in York County. They were very excited to hear about the program because Joshua and Melady were looking to find a place that they could live together independently. Since joining the program, they have found it to be very professional and have received all the help they need to be able to live in their own apartment. The couple has been working with Melody Hoffman as their VYH counselor whom they said they have had a very positive experience with, and now are very close with her. Joshua and Melady were very pleased that Melody was able to offer them services even beyond that which is offered in the Rapid Rehousing program. They have been given help with stocking their apartment with household necessities, and have been given a handbook of all local nonprofits in York County that could be of help to them, which they have found extremely useful.  Joshua has recently received employment from a company called SAM, which will further help with funding their apartment. In the future, Joshua aims to go back to college to gain a degree in theatre performance. Overall, the couple has had a very positive experience in the VYH Rapid Rehousing program and with Melody, and has been able to become fully independent.