Youth Spotlight: Jasmine

Happy #YouthSpotlightFriday! Starting this month’s Youth Spotlight is Jasmine, who is being recognized by her Life Skills counselor Mikaela Lanford. Jasmine has been participating in the Bucks County Supportive Housing program for 2 years, where she has worked diligently to achieve independence for her and her son, Tracie. While in the program, Jasmine has passed an insurance sales exam and learned financial planning, all while continuing full time employment at a hair salon. Jasmine’s main focus is providing a safe and stable home for her son.

This month, Jasmine will graduate from the Supportive Housing Program and move into her own apartment with a Section 8 housing award. This award will supply Jasmine and her son with a grant intended to be used for household needs. Long before it was time to exit the program, Jasmine decided to apply for the Section 8 housing. She took the initiative to get available help, even if she had to wait almost a year for the award. Jasmine received confirmation of her housing award at the beginning of January. Jasmine has since found housing for herself and her son, is excited to begin the next phase of her life.

Click HERE for more information on our Supportive Housing Program.