Youth Spotlight: Jamira

For this week’s Youth Spotlight, we are happy to introduce Jamira! Jamira was nominated by Jessica Piasecki, one of our Life Case Skills Managers. Jamira and her daughter Khole have been members of our Delaware County’s Supervised Independent Living Program since December 2014. After joining the program, Jamira worked to graduate from high school. She recently began studying to be a Medical Assistant at Job Corps in Philadelphia. When she finishes the program in August, Jamira will then continue her education by taking classes at a local community college in the fall.

Along with working at Job Corps and completing homework for her classes, Jamira is also providing for her daughter. Jamira is currently in a parenting class, and loves to work with Khole on her vocabulary and play outside with her. Jamira has also begun preparations for living independently by focusing on her education, and applying for affordable housing far in advance. Jamira’s goal is to have enough money saved to rent her own apartment by her 21st birthday in November. You go, Jamira!