Cailey is 18 years old and is currently living in West Chester, Pennsylvania in the Supervised Independent Living Program at Valley Youth House, where she has been residing since April of 2016. Cailey graduated high school in 2016, and has taken a few college courses since her graduation. Cailey spends much of her time either with friends or working at her new job at ShopRite, both of which she enjoys.

Cailey works at ShopRite, a job where she stands out as an employee who works hard and makes customers smile. She says compared to her previous jobs, ShopRite allows her more freedom as an employee. She also appreciates how friendly and kind her coworkers are. Working at ShopRite is a great opportunity for Cailey to share her positive, friendly and considerate attitude with her coworkers and the customers.

When asked what Cailey is most proud of in her life, she states that graduating high school has been her greatest accomplishment, and the one that brings her the most pride. Cailey shares that her life throughout high school was not always easy. Especially in tenth grade Cailey faced many difficult obstacles, yet even amidst this she was able to work and earn her high school diploma- a huge accomplishment. Congrats, Cailey! We are so proud of you!