Wrap Up: Camp Fowler Summer Programming

Camp Fowler had a great summer with the youth for Valley Youth House’s 2017 Summer Programming. The programs consisted of week-long therapeutic camps which began on June 19th. These programs gave an opportunity for youth that is unlike any other form of therapy. Nature can be restorative as well as stress-reducing and Camp Fowler allows the youth to immerse themselves in this environment. The camp environment helps youth achieve these five outcomes:

  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Healing from past trauma
  • Building trust towards peers and caring adults
  • Developing positive and effective communication skills
  • Building leadership skills

The programs were led by a team of master’s level clinicians who engage the youth in challenged-based activities which promote positive development. A diversity of youth attended the programs including child welfare youth, foster care, independent living and Chafee youth, respite care, sibling groups, family groups, LGBTQ+ youth, juvenile probation youth and many more.

Thanks to generous donors, items were donated to the camp for the kids so that they could experience all the benefits from the program, which included pillows, sheets, towels and many others.  These donations helped make Camp Fowler successful and gave youth this highly beneficial experience.