The Morning Call features the Synergy Project!

The Morning Call featured The Synergy Project on the front page of the Sunday paper on July 19!
We’re so excited to be able to share the great work done by Shane, Adah & Woody in Allentown & Bucks County with the community.

“Alex San Jurjo, 20, has been homeless for about a year, for reasons he says he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about. After a few months staying with friends, Synergy staff helped him get into a housing program.

He has an apartment in south Allentown and had been working, but struggling to make rent. Sometimes he runs out of food and calls Synergy staff. San Jurjo shyly picks through cans of SpaghettiOs and soup. He calls the program “a big help” and isn’t sure what he would do for food if he couldn’t call.

‘I’d be hungry, I guess,’ he said, grinning.”