Staff Spotlight: Elyse

Elyse worked as a facilitator in the annual PA Statewide IL Youth Retreat from 2006-2010 before joining VYH as a full time life skills counselor in Montgomery County. She then hopped over to our Bethlehem office in 2012, where she is a coordinator for the AAI program. Elyse also oversees the Art@  program in the Lehigh Valley and a trauma informed yoga series for youth. She’ll be returning to school for a Masters in Art Therapy this fall.

We recently received a letter from CASA acknowledging the outstanding support Elyse has provided for one of her youth. In their words:

“This young man is being better prepared for life, on his own, by her membership on the team. Your organization is better because Elyse is part of Valley Youth House.” 

We couldn’t agree more!