Spotlight: Joey

Joey had been shy and unsure, at times, of how to navigate the bustling world around him. When Valley Youth House and Joey first crossed paths, he had just begun a new job at a local diner and was working toward getting his driver’s license. However, outside of work and running the soundboard at his church, Joey shied away from making friends or socializing. Despite these challenges, he still had a dream of obtaining his CDL and becoming a truck driver. 


Over the last 18 months, Joey has been involved in countless Valley Youth House sponsored activities and is continuing to grow as a young man. Not only has he expanded his social circle, forming bonds at barbecues and sun soaked beach days, he is learning valuable life skills such as banking. His journey has led him to a new job at a local grocery store and he is actively working with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) to continue pursuing his dream of becoming a truck driver. Valley Youth House stands proudly beside Joey, eagerly anticipating the next chapter of his journey.