Sokoloski Family Spotlight

“After reading other letters written from other families that have very similar stories as ours, I realized how much Valley Youth House impacts our lives as a whole. Not only do they change our children’s lives but they help change families, communities and relationships. My experience with VYH was a very long and difficult journey at first, but once we had the proper fit I watched Kingston grow and change into the happy kid I have today. As many other families have experienced, we too were afraid to go out into our community for fear of how the day would go. In the past we witnessed tantrums, hitting, disobedience and heartbreak. Now we can live a full life with no restraints on where we can go and what we can do because we are now armed with the proper skills to deal with any little bumps in the road that we may have. I now get phone calls from school teachers telling me how great Kingston is doing and who he has helped that day instead of what Kingston has done wrong and who he has harmed. My son has thoroughly enjoyed being with and learning from Miss Brianna and Mrs. Alexis. They have both changed our lives forever. I now have the confidence that my son will grow up to be a productive member in society. I don’t want to think about how things may have turned out if VYH was not apart of our journey. I will be forever grateful for your services. Thank you to all who have helped my family. You have truly changed our lives. It really does take a village to raise a child!”
-Sokoloski Family, Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services Program