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Rapid ReHousing (RRH)

Youth receive assistance in locating safe housing, gaining employment, and developing the life skills to be self-supporting. Youth work closely with their Life Skills Counselor, Housing Stability Coach, and/or Mental Health Therapist.

Supportive Housing (Rapid Rehousing)

  • Rental assistance for up to 12 months in scattered-site, market-rate apartments that youth will be able to sustain following the conclusion of assistance. The program operates on a step-down approach in which youth receive 100% of rent for the first three months, followed by 75%, 50%, and 25% for each of the following three-month periods, after which they are expected to be responsible for their full rent. Leases are in their names.
  • Start-up funding for basic furnishings, household goods, food and transportation expenses
  • One-on-one supervision, counseling and instruction in such topics as home maintenance, cooking, and neighbor relations
  • Linkages with community resources to sustain independence

High school completion/post-secondary training:

  • Assistance in re-enrolling in school or registering for a GED preparation program
  • Linkages with tutoring or remedial services as needed
  • Study and time management skills


  • Preparing a resume
  • Interviewing and related soft and hard skills necessary for successful employment
  • Assembling required documentation (e.g., birth certificate, social security card, etc.)