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Youth Education Program (YEP)

The Youth Education Program for the Prevention of Destructive Decisions began in 1989 and provides school and community-based prevention and education services to Lehigh Valley youth.

Services are often provided in small groups at the elementary, middle, and high school levels during the school year and at community sites throughout the year. Our facilitators have access to our vast collection of evidence-based curriculums and a wide variety of other prevention resources.

We are also available to attend community events in order to promote prevention education. The program operates with the belief that substance abuse, violence, and other self-destructive behaviors can be prevented through alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) education coupled with life skills training.

Thanks to the Lehigh and Northampton Counties Departments of Drug and Alcohol, all of these services are offered at no-cost to your school or organization. Please click here if you are interested in having us facilitate a group for you!

Valley Youth House also offers diversion education ARD classes. CHOICES is a court- approved ARD program that satisfies legal or school requirements for charges of disorderly conduct, harassment, or criminal mischief. DECISIONS is a court- approved ARD program that satisfies legal or school requirements for charges of underage drinking and/or public drunkenness in a meaningful way. Marijuana Awareness Class (MAC) is an educational awareness program for youth ages 18 and under.

Services: Classroom ATOD prevention, small group prevention, Choices, Decisions, MAC, STARs (Students Taking an Active Role), TRU (Tobacco Resistance Unit), Community and Health Fair events.

Please call 267-930-4596 or 610-820-0166 ex. 15091 for more information.

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