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School-Based Counseling

At Valley Youth House, we have wonderful school-based counselors who provide a variety of counseling services in schools throughout Northampton and Lehigh Counties.

We are grateful for the support of the school districts that have chosen to prioritize their students’ mental health by allowing our counselors to meet with their students. If you would like us to reach out to you about providing these services in your school district, please fill out this form.

Click here for a full list of schools in which we are providing school-based counseling! 

Thanks to a grant from United Way, Valley Youth House counselors are working directly with students to provide trauma-based counseling services to identified students in several schools within the Allentown and Bethlehem Area School Districts.

In the Northampton Area School District, we have several counselors implementing the CBITS and Bounce Back trauma-informed curriculums. This program is funded by a two-year grant that was awarded to the district.

Valley Youth House counselors are also implementing the CBITS and Bounce Back programs in the Whitehall-Coplay School District.

“Our School-Based Counselor is a phenomenal resource to our students and their families. She is committed to helping our students grow socially, emotionally, and mentally so they can succeed academically. She creates authentic relationships with our students and their families and goes above and beyond to make sure their basic needs are being met. We are so lucky to have her!”
– Principal, Allentown School District

“Our School-Based Counselor’s top priority is our kids. I am always amazed at her ability to work with parents and gain their trust. So many families need more than we could provide in school and she works diligently to help them.”
– Guidance Counselor, Easton Area School District

“To my School-Based Counselor, thank you for being an angel in my time of need.”
– Client/Student, High-School Level

“Our School-Based Counselor has an unmatched ability to form relationships with our students, families, and staff. Her persistence and determination to ensure that all of her clients’ needs are met is absolutely second to none. Beyond her ability to form relationships and meet the needs of our students, as a school counselor, I can visibly see the growth in her clients’ mental health. We are so very fortunate to share this building with her.”
– Guidance Counselor, Allentown School District

“We are so pleased with the progress that our son has made since entering Valley Youth House’s School-Based Counseling Program! He has learned coping mechanisms to deal with stress, and he is able to handle anxiety and worry in a more mature manner. Not only that, but he truly enjoys the time he spends with his counselor. He looks forward to his meetings with her, and is always excited to tell us all about what he did or learned from her that day. We are truly thankful, and highly recommend the program to any parent looking for some extra help for their children.”
Parent of Client