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School-Based Life Skills (SBLS)

School-Based Life Skills (SBLS) is an after-school program for York County youth that aims to prevent child welfare involvement by implementing LIFE classes, 1:1 case management, and community resource connections.

This program is based in York County and serves students of William Penn Senior High School, West York High School, Kennard Dale High School, Dover High School and Northeastern Senior High who are in need of life skills classes and connections to community resources to prevent CYF involvement. SBLS provides life skills development classes and operates from the theory of Positive Youth Development focusing on Safety, Control, Connectedness, and Opportunity. The programs utilize trauma-informed approaches to engage and work alongside youth.

Life Skills classes are comprised of soft skills, life (hard) skills, and employment skills. Class topics generally remain within the scope of the following: banking, basic household management, car ownership/maintenance, career planning, child care, community resources, electronic device safety, emergency services, employment training, financial planning, housing, and much more.

SBLS LIFE classes are held twice a year with 15 weeks for high schools and 10 weeks for middle schools. Food is provided during class and transport home is provided by the school or VYH staff. Additionally, Life Skills Instructors facilitate classes and meet with youth and their families 1:1 outside of class time.