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Summer Camp Programs

Camp Fowler offers Summer Programs for youth that utilize nature’s restorative and stress-reducing benefits to provide fun outdoor experiences for Lehigh Valley’s vulnerable youth.

Through challenge-based programs and activities, campers are able to experience breakthroughs and healing that often result in behavioral changes to aid their future growth. Camp Fowler allows youth the opportunity to heal from past trauma, build confidence and self-esteem, establish trust towards their peers and caring adults, develop positive and effective communication skills, and forge critical leadership skills.

With 43 acres of open and wooded spaces, Camp Fowler has a plethora of fun outdoor activities for youth to enjoy during the summer. Campers can build leadership and team building skills by mastering the climbing tower, zipline and extensive ropes course, build confidence in the expansive heated ADA inground swimming pool, and learn responsibility and healthy eating habits by helping tend to the vegetable garden. Campers also have the opportunity to enjoy other amenities that Camp Fowler offers, including the hiking trails and streams, athletic fields, archery range, amphitheater, fire pit, conference center equipped with an industrial kitchen and entertainment system, and seven newly-built sleeping cabins.


Camp Fowler offers a variety of camp programs and experiences catered to youth’s interests:

  • Grow and expand your leadership skills
  • Learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
  • Express yourself through art, music, dance, and more



This week has been something of magic for me. The magic not only with the spirit of friends, but of the spirit of what felt like family. This week has reminded me of the good that the world has to offer while making me forget the hate, pain, and strife. We have all worked body, mind, and spirit. Which in turn has made us all better people and stronger as a group and family. This was one of the best weeks of my life. For this everyone has my deepest gratitude.

Interested in registering for summer programming at Camp Fowler? Fill out this form or contact Mike Brady, Associate Director of Camp Fowler, 484-866-2691, mbrady@ValleyYouthHouse.org