LV Shelter and PATHS Bake Cookies for Senior Citizens

Here at Valley Youth House we have our own “12 Days of Christmas”…. the 12 hours of baking!


12 shelter youth

11 different recipes

10 bags chocolate chips

9 cookie trays

8 lbs of butter

7 spoons used

6 pizzas eaten

5 bags of flour

4 dozen eggs

3 bags of sugar

2 residential programs baking

1 service project

Youth in our Lehigh Valley Shelter and PATHS group home came together this holiday season to bake cookies for residents at Lutheran Manor, a senior living community in Bethlehem.  The youth learned to make cookies with counselors Kayla Schubert and Alycha Boehm, then delivered them and sang Christmas Carols with Lutheran Manor residents.

Counselor Kayla Schubert says, “We are teaching the importance of giving back to our youth, while baking way over 300 cookies in one night!”

img_30251  img_30241   img_7651

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