Life Skills Counselor 2301/2302

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Valley Youth House empowers and strengthens the lives of children, youth and families through inclusive programming that builds resilience and fosters growth and independence.

We are currently looking for a qualified applicant to fill the following position: Life Skills Counselor ($32,500 – $35,000) – Dauphin/Perry Counties


The Life Skills Counselor/LS Case Manager/Coach/Housing Stability Coach is responsible for client supervision and guidance, case management, individual and/or group life skills counseling, and all aspects of day-to-day program functions, which may include apartment and site monitoring, community relations issues, and liaison related contacts. This also includes generating goal plans with youth/client, tracking their accomplishments, submitting all required county, state and federal documentation, as well as maintaining all documents related to the client records. The Life Skills Counselor 1/LS Case Manager1/Coach1/Housing Stability Coach 1 is under the authority of the Senior Vice-President, the Director, the AssociateDirectorandreportsdirectlytotheProgramSupervisor/Program Coordinator.

Critical Functions

  • Successfully engage youth/client in developing and implementing their individual goal and/or transition plan using positive youth development, trauma-informed, and culturally appropriate frameworks.
  • A minimum of 50% of the working hours will be spent providing quality in-person goal planning, instruction and case management services according to youth’s/clients identified the level of service.
  • Ensure up-to-date paper & electronic client records in compliance with program, county, state and federal regulations and private grant requirements as applicable.
  • Facilitate a long-term project that is either an ongoing workshop or initiative.

Essential Functions of the Position

  • Meet with the youth/client according to program requirements to model and practice independent living skills with youth/client, including, but not limited to: academic and career planning, permanent relationships/mentoring, housing/household maintenance, priority setting, money management, and health and wellness.
  • Representtheprogramandagencyinaprofessionalmannerandmaintainpositive community relationships in a proactive manner.
  • Be the primary liaison contact and provide regular ongoing case coordination with community contacts such as: referral/funding sources, children and youth agencies, landlords, probation, school personnel, employers, doctor’s offices.
  • Participate in on-call rotation as required by program area. (May be N/A for some programs).
  • Address and report any crisis or critical incident as defined by agency and/or county, state or federal regulations according to the agency’s formalized practice and protocols.

Other Duties

  • Understand and adhere to Valley Youth House policies, practices, and procedures.
  • Toparticipateinweeklyscheduledsupervisionwithdirectsupervisorandbeprepared with an agenda.
  • To attend and actively participate in team meetings.
  • To attend both external and internal agency training and workshops and complete and pass all required training as set forth in the funder and licensing regulations as required.
  • To complete other related tasks as appropriate or assigned.


The Life Skills Counselor/Case Manager/Coach/Housing Stability Coach 2 shall be a mature individual with the ability to identify with and adapt to the goals and philosophies of positive youth development in the independent living program. The Life Skills Counselor/Coach will possess sound judgment and knowledge of adolescent development. This individual will be organized and highly adept at managing multiple tasks and assignments. Successful team members are creative thinkers and flexible in their approaches to people and projects. They will never have been convicted of any prohibited criminal or child abuse offense. They shall possess a minimum of two years’ experience working with adolescents and a BS/Ba in human services or an equivalent combination of experience in the field and education. The candidate’s race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or state of physical disability will not be considered when hiring for this position.

This position requires the following from the applicant:

  • The AAi Life Skills Counselor will have sound judgment and act as an appropriate role model to youth.
  • He/she has never been convicted of any child abuse offenses.
  • The AAI Life Skills Counselor will possess a minimum of one year of experience working with adolescents and a BA/BS in human services or an equivalent combination of experience in the field and education.