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Valley Youth House empowers and strengthens the lives of children,youth and families through inclusive programming that builds resilience and fosters growth and independence.

We are currently looking for a qualified applicant to fill the following position: School-Based Behavioral Health Counselor

The job duties for this position are as follows :

1. To provide half of their time in face to face hours with children, youth, and families at least 85% of the total time.

2. To meet regularly with their assigned supervisor to review current caseload for progress or regression, as per program guidelines.

3. To complete and submit to the case file all required clinical documentation in a professional manner within established program expectations and time frames.

4. To complete youth intake interviews and their subsequent dictation according to established program time frames and protocol.

5. To complete assigned paperwork for program and grant funding (i.e., assessments, client tracking spreadsheet,etc).

6. To successfully engage youth in the treatment process.

7. To achieve stated treatment goals with assigned youth or families as identified by program expectations.

8. To provide effective individual, parent,family, group counseling services to clients in school or client homes as appropriate and within the context of outreach services and according to treatment plans.

9. To assume responsibility for client hoursas they are assigned by Valley Youth House.

10. To communicate with families regarding assessment and treatment outcomes according to established time frames and protocol.

11. To identify, link, and coordinate all necessary services, including providing referrals for ongoing treatment within the youth’s and family’s community.

12. To provide ongoing communication with appropriate school personnel regarding ongoing case coordination, assigned hours, service delivery, caseload, andschedule.

13. Toreview services on a monthly basis and document the effectiveness of services in the plan and client’s continuing need for services.

14. Tobe knowledgeable on school policies and procedures.

15. Toimmediately report to the supervisor 1.) Any situation in which a child, familymember, or another person is at risk of imminent harm and/or 2.) A death occursin an open case or a case open at the agency within the last 90 days.

16. Toimmediately report to the supervisor any situation in which a client isthreatening to sue Valley Youth House.

State the requirements for this position (Specific education & experience as well as any licensure or special skills that are needed):

  • The School Based Mental Health Professional shall be a mature individual with sound judgment and serve as an appropriate role model to staff, youth, and families.
  • They must possess at least a Master’s Degree in a human service discipline. They must never have been convicted of any child abuse offenses.
  • The candidate must be able to stand for several hours consecutively, lift at least 10 pounds, bend, squat, and climb flights of stairs.
  • The candidate must have the ability to work in a loud or distracting environment.
  • The candidate must have the ability to drive.
  • The candidate’s race, religion, sex, or state of physical disability shall not be considered when hiring for this position.