#CouchesDontCount® is a campaign to raise awareness for the disproportionate rate of young people experiencing homelessness that are “couch surfing”, or staying with friends or acquaintances rather than sleeping unsheltered. Some studies have suggested as high as 64% of youth experiencing homelessness are “couch surfing” as means of shelter.


The message is clear: #CouchesDontCount® as stable housing for any young person experiencing homelessness.  More can and should be done to support these young people in finding resources, shelter, and transitional housing, with the ultimate goal of achieving independence & stability.

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To learn more about how you can get involved with #CouchesDontCount®, contact:

Emily Conners, econners@valleyyouthhouse.org, 610-820-0166

Shawn Mack, Philadelphia, smack@valleyyouthhouse.org, 610-272-2946