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Development Team

Christina J. Schoemaker, M.B.A.

Vice President of Development and Marketing, Northeast
610-820-0166, ex. 1320

Joseph Lynch

Vice President of Development and Marketing, Southeast
215-925-3180, ex. 310

Kathi Krablin

Director, Grants
610-820-0166, ex. 1307

Marcie Walker, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Grants
610-820-0166, ex. 1305

Emily Conners, M.S.

Development Officer, Lehigh Valley
610-820-0166, ex. 1318

Harrison Fertig

Grants Officer
610-820-0166, ex. 1323

Shawn Mack

Development Officer, Southeast Region

Mary Link

Development Assistant
610-820-0166, 1319

Francine Dunbar

Assistant to Vice President