Valley Youth House (VYH) embraces the principles and practices that acknowledge that all people are to be valued and treated with dignity.  Our Agency is dedicated to welcoming, respecting, and appreciating the combination of everyone’s individual differences, life experiences, originality, self-expression, distinctive abilities, knowledge and unique skills that our clients invest in our programs, and our employees bring to their work.

Our diversity policy includes sexual orientation and gender identity or expression as protected classes.  We have offered the equal provision of health benefits to same sex partners for more than two decades and recently started covering employee expenses related to legal name changes and change of gender marking on legal documents.   We do this as part of our commitment to ensuring an open and supportive working environment.

At Valley Youth House, we believe diversity and inclusion leads to higher satisfaction and empowerment, brings new ideas that promote creativity and growth, and ensures an environment where everyone’s unique skills and perspectives are valued. Please consider joining our team, and apply for a position here.

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