Camp Fowler Cabin Groundbreaking Celebration 11/6/19

Valley Youth House owns and operates Camp Fowler, a 43-acre property located in Orefield, PA. Camp programming provides outdoor therapeutic recreation and promotes healing and growth through adventure-based activities and experiential learning.  Nature offers restorative, stress-reducing benefits, and the outdoor experiences at Camp Fowler do just that. Here, a team led by a Master’s level clinician use therapeutic, challenge-based programming to promote positive development in a way that is not likely to occur in a conventional setting.  Campers experience breakthroughs and healing, resulting in behavioral changes that lead to their future growth.

The current cabins at Valley Youth House’s Camp Fowler were built 75 years ago and despite best efforts, these outdated cabins have finally exceeded their usable lifespan. Now, the agency has embarked on a Campaign to rebuild Camp Fowler’s seven cabins that house the youth attending the overnight camps.  A number of local construction companies including Kay Builders, Majestic Realty/Commerce Construction, Brooks Development Group, Quadratus Construction Management Inc., and many others are helping Valley Youth House build new cabins at Camp Fowler.   These renovations will improve safety and expand the usefulness of the camp for Valley Youth House clients, as well as for the many community groups that use the camp.  Please join us for a groundbreaking celebration on 11/6/19 at 11:30 am.  RSVP to Ashley at