Robert “Woody” Wood, The Synergy Project Bucks County, Interviewed by BCAT

Robert “Woody” Wood of Valley Youth House’s street outreach program, The Synergy Project of Bucks County was  mentioned in Bucks Coalition Against Trafficking (BCAT) Stop the Traffic Summer 2017 issue. The mission of BCAT is to eradicate human trafficking in Bucks County through victim identification, community education, and enhancement of arrests and prosecution of traffickers, legislative advocacy and a coordinated response of survivor services. In the article they talk about Woody’s tireless work with the synergy project as Street Outreach Coordinator, the article states “is in his car almost every hour of every work day. Part of the Valley Youth House organization, The Synergy Project puts Woody directly in touch with the county’s homeless youth in order to help them survive and to know that someone cares and is there to listen to them”; highlighting the amazing work Robert does for homeless youth. Woody is also quoted in the article saying “BCAT is a great way to network, to pick members’ brains for ideas on helping the kids”. Woody also explains “My job isn’t to find these kids and turn them in; I’m not a cop. I want to sit down with them, have a meal with them, talk to them instead of handing them food and watching them eat. Most of them tell me they just want someone to listen to them.” Woody has been working with the Synergy Project since 2013, and continues to do great work for the homeless teenagers and young adults in Bucks County.