AIC Featured on POPPYN Episode

The Achieving Independence Center (AIC) in Philly was featured in the most recent edition of POPPYN (Presenting Our Perspective on Philly Youth News), which focused on the foster care system. POPPYN is a news program allowing high school students to research and produce their own visual media stories. The youth involved with POPPYN choose the topics they cover, and are often inspired by the issues and systems influencing them. This episode examines students’ experiences with foster care as well as with the community organizations supporting foster and homeless youth, including AIC.

The AIC is dedicated to providing support and real life tools for youth who want to make an investment in their future. Youth work with AIC coaches to create a customized service plan that will help them to achieve their goals related to: completing high school/GED, enrolling in college/vocational school, computer literacy, employment/career planning, housing, permanency and personal development. Check out the video, which was featured on Generousity for more information – AIC is covered at minute 19:30.