Administrative Assistant 2600/3000

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Valley Youth House empowers and strengthens the lives of children,youth and families through inclusive programming that builds resilience and fosters growth and independence.

We are currently looking for a qualified applicant to fill the following position: Administrative Assistant ($15.00 – $17.00)


The job duties for this position are asf ollows :

1. To assist in contacting school and other community youth-serving consumers via written, telephone, and/or in-person communication to solicit interest in group prevention and education services.

2. To assist in coordinating and executing a plan to deploy service contractors and other agency staff for the provision of services, including gathering,organizing, distributing, and tracking resources.

3. To maintain the Youth Education Program’s database to meet the agency’s need for monthly billing and yearly statistical data.

4. To collect and organize paperwork for monthly billing.

5. To enter into the Pennsylvania Web Infrastructure for Treatment Services (PA-WITS)all necessary information within the two week timeframe as required by the state of Pennsylvania.

6. To organize and maintain the various paperwork necessary for each group from opening to completion.

7. To create and maintain files and appropriate forms for each group.

8. Tomonitor, tabulate, record, produce, and distribute monthly program statistics.

9. To assist in coordinating, scheduling, and monitoring the implementation of ARD programming.

10. To design and update program forms and brochures and to refill lobby racks as necessary.

11. To remain up to date on bulk mailing procedures.

12. To demonstrate professional conduct in behavior, appearance, and attitude.

13. To maintain a regular schedule.

14. To perform and complete other secretarial duties and administrative tasks as required.

State the requirements for this position (Specific education & experience as well as any licensure or special skills that are needed):

The candidate shall possess as high school diploma and have at least one year of secretarial experience. This individual shall be able to type at least 50 wpm and have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher, as well as be familiar with utilizing Google Drive, Google, Docs, and Google Sheets. The candidate must have excellent telephone and interpersonal skills,be well organized, respect confidentiality, able to work independently, and have good writing/ editing skills. The candidate must also be able to prioritize assignments and meet deadlines. This person must be an individual who has never been convicted of any child abuse offenses. The candidate’s race,sex, religion, or state of physical disability shall not be considered when hiring for this position.