Our Values

In pursuit of our mission and vision, Valley Youth House leadership and staff will be guided by the following values:

Mission Driven

Youth and families come first.

Outstanding Team Members

Our team members are competent, committed to the mission, focused on quality, willing to persevere and go the extra mile.

Valued Team Members

We recognize that it is our team members who accomplish our mission.  The leadership will treat them with respect, be accessible, provide training and support, communicate, and encourage teamwork and positivity.

Innovation & Creativity

We foster innovative and creative approaches to programs and problem solving.  We recognize that new ideas are necessary to achieve our mission and vision.


We conduct our business and ourselves in an ethical and honest manner. We strive for transparency in all of our interactions.

Positive Relationships

We accomplish our mission through building positive relationships with youth and families, and by helping them to do the same with others in the community.  We also build positive relationships with our co-workers, our partners and our colleagues in the field.


We believe diversity and inclusion are key in achieving our mission.  We celebrate the diversity of culture, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, and economic boundaries of our team members, our clients, and our partners.