Our Values

In pursuit of our mission and vision, Valley Youth House leadership and staff will be guided by the following values:

Service Focused Leadership

We are committed to the mission of providing quality services to youth and families, humbly advocate for others, and respect the value and worth of all clients and staff



We conduct ourselves and our business in an ethical and honest manner, strive for transparency in all of our interactions, and are committed to social justice, equity and inclusion



Our team is made up of highly-skilled and culturally aware problem solvers that bring creative and innovative approaches to our work



Our emotionally mature staff models warmth and compassion to build genuine connections with youth, families, and fellow team members, and establishes strong partnerships with funders and community stakeholders to ensure future growth



Our team operates on a strong work ethic. Our staff members are decisive, tenacious, and get things done regardless of any obstacles that come their way






Valley Youth House helps all youth and their families, including the most vulnerable who have been abused, have run away, or are experiencing homelessness. This includes LGBTQ+ youth and those who have struggled to find success with other organizations and/or programs. VYH is there for all youth and families, including those with nowhere else to turn.



Valley Youth House and our team members craft responsive, customized programs to meet the needs of Pennsylvania’s youth, families and communities. VYH’s responsive, effective  programming serves as a strong foundation for youth and their families.



Valley Youth House is resilient – from the youth and families that walk through its doors, to the staff members and volunteers who work tirelessly to support them, no matter what. We do not turn our backs on youth or families if an initial intervention is unsuccessful or if a young person is hard to reach. Rather, we welcome the challenge and keep working. At VYH, we don’t turn our backs at the first sign of adversity.