Creating a Legacy through Giving

Help Out!For more than 40 years Valley Youth House has helped abused, neglected, and homeless children and their families. To enable Valley Youth House to help thousands of young people become healthy, productive, and responsible adults we need the continued generous support of our community. Legacy Gifts are a vital part of that critical support. Help us sustain our important work in the community – consider a future gift and become a perpetual part of our legacy.


Legacy Gifts

  • Assure that Valley Youth House can continue its important work in the community.
  • May be dedicated to specific program or project.
  • May help build a sustaining and stabilizing endowment.
  • Allow supporters to continue their annual support of the Valley Youth House mission in perpetuity.

Legacy gifts can provide substantial tax advantages to donors while facilitating estate planning and allowing the achievement of philanthropic goals.

To discuss a legacy gift contact Valley Youth House Development Office.

Legacy gifts can take many forms. Gifts may be made in the form of cash, stocks or other securities, real estate, or other personal property. The most common vehicles are bequests, gifts of paid-up insurance policies, and charitable gift annuities. Description of these vehicles follows. You should discuss the best method for you to meet your estate planning goals with your attorney or financial advisor.



Legacy gift bequests can be easily established by adding simple language to your will:


“I give to Valley Youth House of Allentown, Pennsylvania the sum of __________ dollars to be used for general purposes of the organization.”

“I give, devise or bequeath to Valley Youth House of Allentown, Pennsylvania, for its general purposes (stated fraction) of the rest, residue or remainder of my estate, whether real or personal.”

Depending on individual circumstances more developed wording may be required Consult your attorney to discuss the most appropriate way to establish your bequest.


Charitable Gift Annuities

Charitable gift annuities allow you to make a legacy gift to Valley Youth House while claiming significant tax advantages and receiving an income stream for life. In many cases the charitable gift annuity provides increased income while also benefiting Valley Youth House.

You can establish a charitable gift annuity by entering into an annuity contract, naming Valley Youth House as the beneficiary. You will receive immediate payments from the annuity, with Valley Youth House receiving the residual upon your death.


  • Ms. Smith, age 75, has $50,000 in CDs yielding 1.5%.
  • She uses that money to buy a charitable gift annuity for the benefit of Valley Youth House.
  • When entering into the annuity contract she receives an immediate tax deduction of $20,078.
  • During her life she receives quarterly annuity payments.
  • At her passing the remainder is given to Valley Youth House.
Prior to the Gift
  Invested in CD:
  Interest (1.5%):
  Income tax on Interest (28%):
  Net spendable:
After the Gift
  Contributed to gift annuity
  Annual payment:
  Taxed as Follows:Ordinary income
  Tax free
  Income tax (28%)
  Net spendable


Gifts of Insurance Policies

Many friends of Valley Youth House have made legacy gifts through the gift of an insurance policy that names Valley Youth House as a beneficiary. If you have paid-up policies that you no longer need, they may be gifted. You can also either make a one time in-full payment of the premium on the policy or commit to making premium payments annually. All of these are popular, easy, and tax-efficient ways to establish a legacy gift to Valley Youth House.


The Circle of Caring

Donors who make legacy gifts to Valley Youth House are recognized as members of the Circle of Caring. Members are recognized in our Annual Report and receive a certificate acknowledging the gift. Members also receive the gratitude of Valley Youth House and the thousands of kids we serve each year.