All Positions for Spring 2015 are Full.
Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2015.

The opportunity for student internships exists both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Internships are offered in human services, education, recreation, administration, and public relations. Students completing internships are required to work at least 168 hours per semester. Each student is supervised weekly and a mid-semester and final evaluation are completed.

Click here to see the Valley Youth House Internship Manual, which you may read on-line or print out for future reference. If you would like to apply for an internship at Valley Youth House, you may fill out the application form on-line, print it, and mail or fax the completed application to:

To discuss these opportunities contact,
Elizabeth Allen
Valley Youth House
524 Walnut Street
Allentown, PA  18101
Phone:  610-432-6481
Fax:  610-432-6648